Who we are

Christ Loving

ornament1Christ who being God became our friend, who loved us when we were still unlovalbe, inspires us to seek and learn more of his love. We aspire to see everything that we are involved with is motivated by our love for Chirst which is the foundation for all real connections.

Community Living

ornament1Jesus who loves us brings us together with peole who also love him and put their trust in him and turns them into a family. We belive that only in the context of community relationships can we fully experience Jesus. We are happy to share about his love to everyone and hopefully show some of it in action.

City Redeeming

ornament1Cities have forever been the centre of enterprising human creativity that has shaped culture. Though it offers opportunities to make a better life, it is also wrought with corruption, greed and brings much sorrow. Jesus inspires us to restore and renew the city primarily through our work and our friendships.

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Lets Connect

Join us for Sunday Celebrations at Real connect church, 54/23, Rajatpath, Mansarovar. Opposite Teuram park.

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