Feba M Jose

Biotech Student, Central University of Rajasthan

It’s not been that long since I’ve been part of real connect church. But within a short period of time I was able to see myself as a part of the church. It is because in this church, when we gather together everyone has a role in the service in other words no one can remain idle as everyone is expected to actively participate. Also, no one is stuck to a job, every week each one is assigned with a duty. Even I got assigned as a meeting coordinator, which was the first time ever in my life. I was hesitant at first, but I was encouraged by Paul, he asked me not be afraid of making mistakes as they help us learn This gave me strength and did my duty. For me, the church is like my second family. Since I’m a hosteller, it means a lot to me. The Real Connect Church, as the name suggests is connected to my life and I feel I am an integral part of this church.